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Number of people in the park
【 0 】
Instantaneous bearing capacity
【 6000 】
Daily carrying capacity of scenic spot
【47000 person times 】
Scenic spot comfort
【 comfortable 】

╠ real-time information ╣

Number of people in the park


Instantaneous bearing capacity

【6000 】

Maximum carrying capacity of scenic spot


Scenic spot comfort


Cultural protection


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    Scenic spot open day 


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annually November to March

— Operation time —


Link phone    0911-4838030

In order to ensure the quality of your tour and remind you to travel in a civilized way and stagger the peak, please actively cooperate with the management of the scenic spot and abide by the tour order of the scenic spot.

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Hukou waterfall in scenic spots

    The tour activities in the scenic area mainly include the Yellow River culture, cultural history, geographical features and geological wonders. The Yellow River and loess in the whole scenic area complement each other, and the canyon and mountain set off each other. Hukou is one of the most representative tourist attractions on the mother Yellow River.

Hukou Waterfall tourist area of the Yellow River

Hukou waterfall is the stream waterfall in the world and the only mobile and latent waterfall in the world. The Yellow River flows through the Yichuan section of the qinjin gorge. The surging Yellow River water surges from the kilometer river bed and suddenly returns to the "dragon trough" with a width of 20-30 meters, pouring like a hukou, forming an extremely spectacular waterfall group. Hukou waterfall has different scenery in four seasons and eight natural landscapes with their own characteristics. The surging waves stir the voice of the nation and move forward bravely to show Chinese integrity. It is dazzling and shining. It has been known as "the heart of the Yellow River and the soul of the nation" by Chinese people

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